Feb 28, 2011

Fabric Organization

I did get somewhat distracted from my organization mission, but this weekend I got back on track!  We have a small closet in our office that houses our downstairs furnace and the hot water heater.  Thankfully the closet does have some selves in it and provides much needed storage, but lately the closet has gotten out of control (my fault).  I do all of my sewing and calligraphy in this room and this closet has become a catch all for my junk.

The main issue was all of my fabric.  I didn't even take a before picture of the closet because it was so bad....just trust me.

But this is what my fabric looked like.  Lovely...right!

To start with I took  some plastic boxes (they are about the size of a shoe box) that I bought at Old Time Pottery for .99 each.

Then I separated my fabrics into categories.  These are the categories I ended up with: solids, patterns, gingham, polka dot, seersucker, corduroy, and white. 

Oh this is soooo much better!  Makes me want to sew something...  Maybe that will be next weekends project.

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