Feb 27, 2011

Kitchen Knobs

I have always heard that the fist step to recovering from an addiction is to admit that you have one.  Well folks I am here to tell you that I have an addiction to spray paint!  Nick is in constant fear that he is going to come home and I will be spray painting the car.  I doubt that I would go that far, but you never know.

So last weekend my spray paint /debrass project was the kitchen knobs.

This is what they looked like before....

(can you tell that the oven is circa 1991 as well)

First I removed all of the knobs and washed them with soap and water.

After they were dry I used a medium grade sand paper and I scuffed up each knob.  From what I have read this provides a rough surface and the paint will adhere better.

 I used Rustoleum Satin Nickle spray paint and applied two coats.  Not sure how these will hold up since they get used a lot, but for now they are working great!

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