Feb 16, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Kernel Seasons popcorn flavoring. I’m a big fan of popcorn – especially from the movie theater. During my last trip to the theater (True Grit) I made a point to remember the name of the manufacturer of the awesome popcorn seasoning offered in the lobby. Turns out the maker is Kernel Seasons. I visited their website and sadly learned that they don’t make their products available in many grocery stores (at least not around B'ham). I also learned that the company makes a lot more flavors than what’s available at the theater. And I also learned that you can buy their product right from their website. So I did! So far, I’ve only tried the Ranch flavor. I'm really looking forward to trying the White Cheddar. GET SOME TODAY!

This week, I love “Busy” Julie. My wife has been busy busy busy! From mastering Craig’s List to painting light fixtures, I have been inspired by the way Julie has chosen to fill her free time. She's like the guy at the circus that spins dishes on the sticks - he runs from one dish to the next trying to avoid a big crash by keeping them all spinning. This recent flurry of new hobbies has helped Julie satisfy her internal management need. When Julie sets her mind to a task, you can bet the house that she will not quit until that task is completed. That’s just her personality. She has to have a project (or two!) going at all times and it is amazing to see her in action! Sometimes her determination scares me so I just stay out of the way.

This week, I don’t like detrimental activities that hamper Julie’s eyesight. Because she has been so busy, Julie’s main form of relaxation these days involves surfing the web. Julie is fond of kicking back on the couch with her laptop. She also conducts a last look of emails and blogs each night with her iPhone before going to sleep. The problem is that Julie does not wear her eyeglasses while enjoying her laptop or iPhone (like she is supposed to). It is a shame too because she looks very cute while wearing her glasses! The constant strain on her eyes is already affecting her eyesight. I have been asked to read the small print on coupons and canned goods several times this week alone. Hopefully Julie will stop throwing caution to the wind and wear her glasses.

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