Jan 13, 2012

Hellooooo Graham!

Is it too late to still wish you a Happy New Year? I feel like our 2012 has been a blur.  I guess it's because Julie and I have been....uh...a little busy.  We welcomed Graham McIntyre Baggett into the world on December 28th and our lives have been non-stop since!

When we first found out about Graham back in April, we learned that his due date was going to fall on December 28th.  In the weeks (then days) leading up to that date, all signs from Julie's visits to the doctor pointed to the fact that he was ready to be born, but Julie wasn't quite ready.  On Tuesday, December 27th, we requested to induce and we were schedule to check into the hospital that same night.  Graham arrived on his original due date and things haven't been the same since!

I'll spare a lot of the details but I have to say that the delivery was a sight to behold. I was amazed at Julie's determination throughout it all and impressed with the composure and professionalism of the hospital staff.  All grandparents, aunts and uncles were eager to meet Graham at the hospital.  Julie and I certainly benefitted from having her mother stay with us during our first week at home.

Yesterday was Day 15 in Graham's life and the love we have for him is off the charts. Each new day holds something new and it seems that I notice something new about Graham every time I pick him up.  It's true what everyone has said: he is certainly growing up quickly. He's even started taking a bottle!

It's been so great! I've been home all week but will have to return to work next week.  I know it's going to be difficult to leave! Thanks for all of your prayers, meals and visits. I've got a feeling that Graham will become a major topic for this blog!