Nov 24, 2010

Nov 21, 2010

It is worth it!

So who doesn't coupon these days?  I know most all of my friends do and now my mom is even getting in on the action (the lady who never shopped sales...ever)!  She calls me now to tell me about deals I need to look out for and we share coupons...never thought this would happen.

Southern Savers: Southern Deals and Frugal Steals.

I started using Southern Savers about this time last year.  Since then I shop strictly at Publix and CVS.  Before couponing I shopped at Wal-Mart.  I thought it would be interested to compare my grocery spending from:

May 2009 - November 2009
May 2010 - November 2010

Why May?  Well Nick and I got married in April so May was when I started buying for two and we started keeping track of our spending.  So here it goes:

Total spent on groceries from May 09-Nov. 09 = $3,422.54
              Average Weekly Spending = $122.23

Total spent on groceries from May 10-Nov.10 = $2,599.20
             Average Weekly Spending = $92.83

Thats a 24% savings...and I get to shop at Publix rather than Wal-Mart!!!

I know $30 a week doesn't seem like a lot, but multiply that times 52 weeks and I am saving about $1,560/year.  I like it!

Couponing does require good bit more work and more planning, but to me the saving are worth it!

Nov 17, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like NBA Jam. A version of this video game classic has recently been released for modern gaming systems. The new installation features an HD likeness of current and past players PLUS some of the classic catch phrases have been brought back! Admit still say BOOM SHAKA LAKA to yourself after completing a task of any significance. If only there was some type of list on which to write the title of this game to indicate my interest in owning this game...

This week, I love talking with my wife. Julie and I have had some really down-to-earth good talks lately. I have enjoyed these open discussions. We've started conversations while preparing dinner and continued them throughout the evening until it was time to brush our teeth. Unfortunately, these chats are soon to be a thing of the past now that Julie can text. Julie recently shed the title of "Last Person in America without a Texting Plan". Here's an example of how our conversations now unfold:

Julie: Hey. Need you to pick up some things at the grocery store your way home.
Me: No problem honey! I'll be glad too! What do you need?
Julie: Need you to pick up some french fries.
Me: OK! Is there anythin-
Julie: Get some Sprite too.
Me: Sprite. Got it. Can't wait to see yo-
Julie: And some Rice Crispies.
Me: Sure thing. I love you!

Ten minutes later...

Julie: U2

This week, I Don't Like red vehicles with Auburn flags/decals. Have you noticed how many maroon or fire-engine-red vehicles are sporting Auburn flags, stickers or magnets these days? Naturally, sightings of these items have increased due to Auburn's success on the football field this season. It's just the sight of the Auburn orange on a red car irks me. You never see a navy vehicle with Bama stickers or flags all over it. I know that there are unique instances in which a driver does not have direct influence on the color of their vehicle. But going forward, the law now states that if you are an Auburn fan, you are not to purchase a vehicle that is painted any shade of red.

Nov 10, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like HootSuite. I'm responsible for managing my employer's social media sites. Coming up with content is challenging enough but simultaneously keeping up with Twitter and Facebook is even more difficult. Always late to the game, I finally stumbled upon the concept of a social media dashboard. HootSuite seemed to fit my needs better because it allows me to post on my company's Facebook Fan Page (you may remember this earlier post that included my disdain for Facebook). Other dashboards, like TweetDeck, are great too but don't have the Fan Page capability that I need. You can even manage your blog from some of these dashboards. Try one out for yourself and you'll be able to update all of your social media outlets with one click.

This week, I love getting stuff done online. This week, Julie and I have done everything from ordering a pizza to upgrading her cell phone through the magic of the internet. In a few days or weeks, when my Christmas shopping commences, there won't be any crowded stores and long traffic lines for me because I'll be Cyber Santa this year. The extra costs I may have to pay for shipping will be well worth the price of being able to stay away from the crowds.

This week, I don't like the Cam Newton drama. My golf buddy Clay is always scolding me for being so quick to succumb to negative thoughts about Auburn football. He really let me have it before the season started when I asked if this would be Gus Malzahn's (Offensive Coordinator) last season at Auburn! Even though I'm trying to keep positive thoughts about Cam's situation, it's getting more difficult as more allegations come to light. The timing is bad and I hate it for Cam and his family but what really gets me is the possible notion that the Auburn coaches bent the rules to construct a top-5 recruiting class this year. I can't envision Coaches Chizik, Trooper, Luper and the rest of the staff being so careless that they would utilize improper techniques to get players to attend Auburn. Cam may have cheated on tests at Florida and his father may have requested money in return for his son's commitment, but I just can't believe that the decision makers at Auburn would have any part of any wrongdoing.

Here's hoping that Auburn (and Cam) can put all of this behind them and end Georgia's four-year winning streak this weekend! If it all turns out to be rotten, that will be too bad. But how awesome has it been to watch this guy?!?!?

Nov 6, 2010

Roman Shades

Yes I have lived in this house for 5 1/2 years and yes I am just now getting around to window treatments downstairs.  I honestly don't know why it has taken me this long to get my act together.  I have big plans for the downstairs so stay tuned for more decorating progress.  For now here are the roman shades I made for the breakfast room window. 



Since we already had blinds (and we rarely close them) I decided to take the easy route and do fixed roman shades...meaning they don't go up and down. 

Next on the agenda is to finish up the Christmas outfit (smocked of course) for Kiley's new baby girl, Anna Kathryn!  Isn't she precious.  Cannot wait to get to St. Louis and hold her.

Then I plan to try and make a Christmas tree skirt similar to this:

Burlap Tree Skirt

I love this tree skirt from Ballard Designs but not for $50!  I bought all of the materials for about $20 today.  I will post pictures soon.