Jan 29, 2011

Key Ring App

Still on a conquest to organize my life....this little tool rocked my world and helped me organize!  I got an iphone in December.  I was due for an upgrade and we bought it refurbished from AT&T (for around $45).  To say that I have loved this little gadget would be an understatement....well as much as you can love a phone (because let's face it...it is just a phone).

Anyway I am still figuring all of this out, but today I stumbled on this little app:

Key Ring App

Basically you load all of your little store cards that you either have in your wallet or on your key ring into this app.  Then when you go to the store just hand your phone to the cashier and they scan your phone.  No need to carry around 25 store cards anymore...just load them on your phone!  Plus some stores will automatically load their current coupons to your app so you don't have to clip them from the paper! 

Now I have to admit I was somewhat leery about it actually working, but when I went to Winn Dixie today just pulled up my Winn Dixie card on my phone, handed it to the cashier, and she scanned it.  No problem!

Jan 27, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like my manly hand cream. Guys, let's not kid ourselves. With the low humidity, cold temps and constant hand-washing, our hands take a beating this time of year. I found a great solution to my cracked skin at Duluth Trading Company. This hand cream is not slimy and has no odor. It keeps me from sporting busted knuckles and band-aids on my finger tips. GET SOME TODAY!

This week I love soup. I've never been a big soup guy but I've converted this winter! Julie makes a lot of great soups (Warehouse Soup!!!). I've found that you can't go wrong with a good canned soup and I even enjoyed a cup of really good Egg Drop soup at PF Changs the other day. I'm pretty sure that this appreciation will only last until the weather warms up but it's been a nice change. GET SOME TODAY!

This week I don't like morons on TV (or maybe I do). I'm going to pick on two different shows this week. Up first, the out-of-work, under-trained miners of Gold Rush: Alaska. This Discovery Channel program showcases the trials of a band of friends from Oregon that are down on their luck and use the last of their money to mine for gold in Alaska.

I told my friend Kiley that watching this show is like watching a car wreck. These guys have no idea about what they are doing, their homemade equipment is constantly breaking down and they have even dragged their poor wives and children into the Alaskan woods. They screw up so often that I find myself actually getting mad at them while watching the show! I'll continue to watch just to see the final, full face plant when all of the money is gone.

I now shift my focus to the 'star' of the Golf Channel's new show, Pipe Dream. This show is about a former golf professional who is now homeless (he sleeps in huge construction pipes, thus the title of the show).

The show follows this 'former professional golfer' as he gets back on his feet and attempts to qualify to play on the Champions Tour. I think the title of 'professional' is used very loosely here. From what I've seen, this jackleg was more of a professional mooch than anything else. He made a career living off of rich girlfriends until the gravy train came to a screeching halt. He never made anything for himself and went from living on a golf course to sleeping in a big pipe in one day. Let this be a lesson kids: don't build a life relying off of anyone else except Jesus! This guy has had some really good breaks on the show so far (offered a part time job, friends willing to chip in to pay tournament entry fees, etc.) but he's definitely not good enough to make it to the senior tour. I get frustrated with this guy for allowing himself to get in this situation but I'll continue watching to see if he reverts to his moocher ways and blows all of the opportunities extended to him.

Sew, Momma, Sew! - Pillow Month

I love pillows for many reasons:

- They are an easy way to add color to a room
- They don't require much fabric
- They are easy to sew
- And there are so many different ways to dress them up

One of the blogs I have started to follow is Sew, Momma, Sew!  There have been several projects that I have really liked and hope to have time to do this year, but I was thrilled this morning when I noticed that on this blog during the month of February is going to be pillow month! 

I am in the process of changing the color scheme in my living room (mainly through pillows) so pillow month is coming at the perfect time!

I added a button below that will link you directly to Sew, Momma, Sew!

Jan 25, 2011

The Mug

When we were at my in-laws just before Christmas we were sitting down having Sunday lunch when all of a sudden my mother-in-law got up from the table and announced that she found something and wanted to give it to me.  I certainly was curious, but had no idea what it could be.  Then she walked in with this:

Precious...right?  It was a mug Nick made for her in 1st grade and she wanted me to have it.  Many of you probably made something similar for your parents (I know I did.)

At this point I am still thinking oh this is so sweet...I am so glad she thought to give it to me. Then she asked me to read it.  Not going to lie....it took me a minute to figure it out.

"Dey Mom I wus I dent haf tow go toow Scool"

allow me to translate:

Dear Mom I wish I didn't have to go to School

The sweet, gushy feeling quickly left and we were laughing hysterically.  Only Nick would write something like that AT SCHOOL to give to his mother on MOTHERS DAY.  I am sure this is how his report card read:

Coloring B
Spelling  C (he did spell Mom correctly)
Honesty A

Jan 23, 2011

Organization - Patterns

One of my new years resolutions (that I am determined to KEEP) is getting my house (and my life) organized.  I do a good job (usually) of keeping everything tidy and neat, but when it comes down to nitty gritty organization...I could use some work!

I figure if I blog about it that #1 all of you will hold me accountable and #2 maybe you will suggest some of your own organizational ideas!  I am always open to suggestions.

So last week I organized my pantry....which by the way I am LOVING!  I breathe so much easier every time I open that door!!!

This week I tackled my sewing patterns.  Now I know everyone doesn't have this problem, but a lot of you do sew because I follow your blogs and see all of your wonderful creations...so who knows maybe your patterns are a mess like mine. 

Ok So I started out with my green basket and I was trying to refold the tissue and stuff it back into the original sleeve.  Took me about three times to realize there are not enough hours in the day to ever figure out how to refold those stupid things.  Then it was onto the hanger method.  This worked for a while, but occasionally pattern pieces would fall off and I would loose them not to mention that it was a pain having them hang in my ohhh so tiny sewing closet (it is actually our hot water heater closet).

So after some research I opted to go with the file folder method.  This is how it works...

I purchased a LEGAL size plastic file box.  I really think it is important to use legal rather than letter.  Letter size just wont be large enough for some of the larger pattern pieces.  This box was around $14 at Office Max, but they sent me a $10 off of $20 coupon this week so I got this and some tabs for $10!

I added some file folders which I already had.

Then I started placing my patterns in ziploc bags (I used quart size).  For each pattern I placed one size in the each bag.

So my Lettie (that is the pattern name) folder has the original sleeve with instructions, a bag with Size 1, a bag with Size 2, and a bag with Size 3.

Then I put them in alphabetical order by pattern name and made labels.

All Done!  Nice, neat and organized!!!!  One of the benefits to this method is that if/when someone needs to borrow a pattern I can give them the size they need without having to give them the whole pattern (and chance something getting misplaced or lost).

What to organize next??????

Jan 21, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the Cubs' chances of winning the World Series in 2011. Many fans of the Chicago Cubs find a source of pride in the fact that the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908 (haven't been to the big show since 1945). There's a bit of mystique there, for sure. But the stars are lining up for the Cubs to finally win it all again. Why am I so confident? Because ALL of my favorite teams/athletes are on a roll. Auburn just won the college football national championship, Duke is on their way to winning a second straight college basketball championship and Phil Mickelson could very well win his second straight Masters Golf Tournament in a few months.

OK, so I adopted the Sacramento Kings as my favorite NBA team before this season started and they are currently the 2nd worst team in the league. I'm not an expert. The Cubs have a new manager, some new players and will be running on high emotions after the recent death of local icon Ron Santo. They may not win it all this year but it will definitely be an interesting season!

This week, I love (recent) history. My company is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. I performed some light research to determine the more significant events that have occurred since my company opened for business. You know what? A lot of interesting stuff has happened in the last 75 years! I never enjoyed history classes because I couldn't relate to things that happened in the 1600's. But I find that the closer the even happened to my lifetime, the more interest I'll show in that event. Landing on the moon, inventions, cultural moments - stuff like that. I want to learn more about World War II now. If there is a must-read book about WWII out there, let me know about it!

This week, I don't like being torn about not attending the viewing of Auburn's BCS Coach's Trophy. The trophy was paraded at a few Wal Marts in Georgia and Alabama last week. It also made a stop very near to our house here in Birmingham. I figured that since this location was an Academy Sports and not a Wal Mart, it wouldn't be considered too tacky if I were to have my photo taken with the trophy. I really, really, really wanted to go but opted not to at the last moment. I had that rotten feeling you get when you pass up one of those "now or never" moments. But, it turns out that A LOT of people went with their gut feeling. I'm glad I missed that big crowd. I'm not sure about the caliber of fans at the Academy Sports though. Reports show that some interesting characters showed up at the Wal Mart stops prior to the Birmingham appearance.

Jan 17, 2011

A Weekend to Remember

Last Saturday my in-laws arrived.  They came in town for a visit and to watch the National Championship game with us. 

On Sunday afternoon we started to get some freezing rain...then sleet...then snow.  This pattern continued through the night and into the day on Monday.

This probably doesn't seem like a lot to some of you who are used to frozen tundras but for us here in Alabama this shuts the city down...literally. 

Monday - NO WORK!!!!  Which worked out really well and allowed me to prepare for our National Championship party!

Here we are before the game....calm, cool, and collected.  (Wellllll maybe not calm.)

And here we are after the game!  Auburn wins!!!!!!  NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!

Jan 15, 2011

Couponing = Cluttered Pantry

For all of you who coupon I am sure you have this problem as well...NO SPACE.  I went from buying 1 box of cereal a week to 4 and 1 bottle of salad dressing now I have 9 in my pantry.  Love those saving, but man my pantry was out-of-control

This post would have been so much more effective had I taken a before picture, but I didn't.  Just take my word...it was bad!

Not anymore...nice and organized! 

Yes folks that is 9 bottles of salad dressing...but at $ .15 each I can't help myself!

Jan 13, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like feeling better. I came down with a bad cold right before Christmas. My symptoms included a failing voice, lots of coughing and lots of congestion in my chest. Nearly a month later, I can now say that I've kicked the cold. I still suffer from an occasional cough but I think that's because my body is used to coughing - it's just a normal reflex now.

This week, I love the Auburn Tigers! Who would have imagined a national championship? Not this season - but ever?!?! I don't want to take a way from Oregon's great play but I think the Auburn players were rusty and nervous - particularly Cam Newton. But they got the job done and brought home the crystal! How about that Auburn defense?!?!

This highlight doesn't include the safety.

Thumbs up to: The Auburn Defense, Michael Dyer and Special Teams.
Thumbs down to: Nick Fairley's personal foul penalty, Eric Smith's missed block that almost killed Cam, Eric Smith's dropped touchdown pass and Eric Smith's personal foul penalty.

This week, I don't like ice. On January 9th, we received a constant pelting of tiny frozen rain droplets at our house. These droplets stuck together and formed a thick sheet of ice over...everything outdoors. The temperature has been so cold this week that much of that ice remains. I'm sick of looking at it. It's not snow...it's ice. I'd probably have a different outlook if it was snow. Snow is fun. Ice is not fun. By the way, what happened to the 8 inches of snow we were supposed to get in central Alabama? Sign me up to be a meteorologist because not having to account for false information seems like easy money to me.

Jan 8, 2011

Corman Christmas

We spent Christmas with my family in Auburn.  Because my sister is in graduate school in London this will be the last time we are all together until October...so it was nice to enjoy several days together before she went back to school.

Christmas is somewhat more "relaxed" in our family these days.  My parents moved to Auburn several years ago from my hometown of Atmore.  We are thrilled they are in Auburn, but it is strange to not be in Atmore especially at Christmas simply because so many of our traditions centered around our house, our Church, but most importantly the people there. 

Also Christmas tends to be more relaxed when the "kids" are all in their 20's and 30's.  There is no getting up a the crack of dawn to see what Santa brought, we all take turns opening presents, and the afternoon is spent napping or watching TV not playing with or putting together toys.

Don't get me wrong...I look forward to childish Christmas' again, but for now I do enjoy the low key relaxed celebration we have going at the moment.

Nick and I were up first so this is us waiting on everyone to get up...I think we actually started opening presents around 10:30!

Jan 7, 2011

"Never-thought-I'd-say-this" Post

Auburn University's football team is playing for the national championship on Monday, January 10th, 2011.

Jan 4, 2011

Burlap Tree Skirt

Some of you remember this post where I stated that I was going to attempt to make my own version of the Ballard Designs Burlap Tree Skirt.  Well I did it...and I thought it turned out really well.

I know this post would have been much better to have done BEFORE Christmas, but I got busy and didn't get around to it.  Sorry! 

I did not take pictures as I went, but I used this series of videos and it was very helpful:


We have a smaller tree so I wanted my skirt to have a 36 inch diameter.  For that size these are the supplies I used:

2 yards of ivory burlap (probably could have used a little less, but I wanted to be sure I had enough)
2 yards of blackout lining
3 1/4 yards of ivory fringe

I don't think she talks about this in the video, but to determine the amount of fringe you need take your diameter (36 inches for me) and multiply it by 3.2 (36 x 3.2= 115.2 inches).  Then convert to yards.

I was able to buy all of the supplies from Joann's either on sale for 50% off or with a 40% off coupon.  In all I think I spent about $27.

Jan 1, 2011


My husband got MOST everything correct in his 2010 review, however it seems that I must have missed an anniversary because I sure thought in April we celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  Nick if you are right....you owe me a present!