Jan 27, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like my manly hand cream. Guys, let's not kid ourselves. With the low humidity, cold temps and constant hand-washing, our hands take a beating this time of year. I found a great solution to my cracked skin at Duluth Trading Company. This hand cream is not slimy and has no odor. It keeps me from sporting busted knuckles and band-aids on my finger tips. GET SOME TODAY!

This week I love soup. I've never been a big soup guy but I've converted this winter! Julie makes a lot of great soups (Warehouse Soup!!!). I've found that you can't go wrong with a good canned soup and I even enjoyed a cup of really good Egg Drop soup at PF Changs the other day. I'm pretty sure that this appreciation will only last until the weather warms up but it's been a nice change. GET SOME TODAY!

This week I don't like morons on TV (or maybe I do). I'm going to pick on two different shows this week. Up first, the out-of-work, under-trained miners of Gold Rush: Alaska. This Discovery Channel program showcases the trials of a band of friends from Oregon that are down on their luck and use the last of their money to mine for gold in Alaska.

I told my friend Kiley that watching this show is like watching a car wreck. These guys have no idea about what they are doing, their homemade equipment is constantly breaking down and they have even dragged their poor wives and children into the Alaskan woods. They screw up so often that I find myself actually getting mad at them while watching the show! I'll continue to watch just to see the final, full face plant when all of the money is gone.

I now shift my focus to the 'star' of the Golf Channel's new show, Pipe Dream. This show is about a former golf professional who is now homeless (he sleeps in huge construction pipes, thus the title of the show).

The show follows this 'former professional golfer' as he gets back on his feet and attempts to qualify to play on the Champions Tour. I think the title of 'professional' is used very loosely here. From what I've seen, this jackleg was more of a professional mooch than anything else. He made a career living off of rich girlfriends until the gravy train came to a screeching halt. He never made anything for himself and went from living on a golf course to sleeping in a big pipe in one day. Let this be a lesson kids: don't build a life relying off of anyone else except Jesus! This guy has had some really good breaks on the show so far (offered a part time job, friends willing to chip in to pay tournament entry fees, etc.) but he's definitely not good enough to make it to the senior tour. I get frustrated with this guy for allowing himself to get in this situation but I'll continue watching to see if he reverts to his moocher ways and blows all of the opportunities extended to him.

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