Jun 29, 2009


It is certainly no secret that it is HOT, but it is never a good sign when you hear a dripping noise coming from your air conditioner. Nick discovered that we had, what we thought at the time, was a small drip coming from our downstairs unit. Didn't seem too bad until we removed some items from the closet to find that they were soaking wet along with the carpet. Not Good!

We spent much of yesterday afternoon soaking up water from the carpet. We also took a trip to Wal-Mart to purchase a fan to help the drying process.

In an effort to stop the drip we decided to turn off the AC...not fun. Thankfully it did cool down last night, but I really really hope that the repairman can get to us today!

Jun 26, 2009

Happy 33rd Mom and Dad

Today is my parents 33rd wedding anniversary! There are so many wonderful things I could say about my parents, but one of the most valuable gifts they have given me is the example of what a Christ-centered marriage looks like.
Congratulations on 33 years and may you have many more to come! I love you both!

My wedding April 2009

Football Season 2007

Mom's Birthday - October 2007

Christmas 2007

Thanksgiving 2006

Christmas 1982 (my best guess)

Jun 25, 2009

Car on Fire

So I am out running an errand at lunch today, and I pass this on the interstate.

Yes that is a car on fire and traffic is just driving around it like nothing is wrong. I certainly do not claim to know much about cars, but cant those things blow up? Needless to say I was glad that I was headed in the opposite direction.

Jun 23, 2009

Are we surprised?

Let's get the obvious out of the way - are we really surprised at the latest news from Jon and Kate? What was originally perceived as a media stunt looks to actually be a legal separation for the wonder couple and parents of 8.

I like Jon and Kate's show (in very small doses) but now I'm more attracted to their troubled situation. I have lots of questions. Given the chance to speak with them, I would first ask why they originally thought the TV show was a good idea. Their surge in popularity came on quickly and the attention they garnered would have been hard to predict but...come on!

For most viewers like me, human nature takes over and the news about Jon and Kate's separation feeds our sick desire to see people fail. Rest assured that the books of all 8 children that should be available in the next 20 years will be best sellers.

Take the TV show element out of the picture and what we have is a couple that is too proud to die to self...plus a whole lot of children. Julie and I learned in premarital counseling that wives need to be loved and husbands need to be respected. Jon and Kate stopped abiding by this rule of thumb a long time ago and the end result is disappointing.

Kudos for Jon and Kate:
  • Their children may not have always behaved but at least they looked presentable.
  • Kate was big on being "green" and eating organic food.
  • Early episodes show that Jon and Kate made Church a big part of their children's lives.

Thumbs down for Jon and Kate:

  • Jon is immature and wants to return to his days as a 22 year old; Kate is....um...not always pleasant.
  • Jon and Kate are not making any effort to communicate, or so it seems.
  • I want a book deal! Jon and Kate went from a lifestyle of scrimping to living on a 25+ acre residence and lots of fancy "toys".

Even though our lives would provide years of entertainment, Julie and I have agreed that we will never sign up for a reality TV show. And Mady needs a spanking every 20 minutes just for good measure.

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Jun 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We are blessed in so many ways, but this weekend we are especially thankful for being blessed with truly amazing dad's. Thanks for always being there for us and for your constant support and encouragement.

We love you!

And they can dance!

Jun 18, 2009

Chicken Salad for 250

During these slow economic times (a.k.a. slow real estate market) our office decided to participate in a community service/ministry related project once a month. This month we went to the Salvation Army to help prepare/serve lunch. I had the distinct pleasure of making chicken salad for 250 people.

You know it's a lot when you have to use two hands.

Billy and I mixin it up!

Peggy cutting up chicken for dinner that night.

Rhonda, Wes and Emily on the serving line.

Jun 16, 2009


My brother, Clay, has been working with a new company called moxii. They are an Interior Design company that specializes in student interiors! If you are a college student, a parent of a college student, or simply need a graduation gift you need to check out http://www.moxii.com/.

They have an awesome selection of products...just wish they would have been around when I was in school.

Jun 12, 2009

I draw the line at our NetFlix queue

I became Julie's husband on April 18th. We've adjusted nicely to married life and we've managed to meet in the middle on several decisions. I can't argue too much on most of those decisions as she did allow me to move in with her.

A lot of merging has taken place since the big day. We're now working out of the same checking account, receive our mail at the same address, pay bills jointly and even combined our NetFlix accounts into one. Everything has gone swimmingly without many conflicts or confrontations to this point. However, I've had to assert myself with our NetFlix queue.

Julie and I don't exactly share the same interests in sources of entertainment - particularly television and/or movies. But, we try to accommodate each other's likes. When we decided to operate from the same NetFlix Account, I gave Julie the login and password to our account. Little did I know that Julie was fired up about getting her picks in the queue! A recent glimpse at our queue revealed that Julie had us lined up to receive each disk of the first 2 seasons of Heros...consecutively...beginning immediately...on our 2-at-a-time plan. Given that we watch one movie a month and my tendency to get burned out on TV shows quickly (ie 24), I didn't think this would work well. So I rearranged the queue so that we will receive a Heros disk, then a movie, then a Heros disk, then a movie and so on and so on.
Now if we could just get started on that man room............

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For those of you who have spent much time around me the past year probably know how crazy I am about E-mealz! I heard it advertised on the radio one morning on my way to work and decided to check it out. I am addicted now!

Basically you pay $5 a month and each week you receive a meal plan and a grocery list. There are many other services out there that are similar, but the great thing about e-mealz is that the founders are from Birmingham (southern so you know the food is good) and they have over 20 different meal plans to choose from. Below is an example of the meal plan and grocery list you receive every week.

I can see where it might not be for everyone, but it sure has been a life saver for me. The food is wonderful, we love the variety, we save sooo much money, and the meals are easy to prepare!
For more information check out their website: http://www.e-mealz.com/.

Jun 10, 2009

Meeting Judd Waddell

About a week after we got back from the honeymoon I received a phone call from The White Room (the bridal shop where I bought my wedding dress) letting me know that Judd Waddell was going to in town in a few weeks for a trunk show and wanted to know if I would like to come and meet him since he designed my dress.

Needless to say I was thrilled to have to opportunity! So on May 16th Nick and I went to the shop and spent about 45 minutes visiting/taking pictures with Judd. He was even kind enough to sign a picture for me!

Me and Judd with all of his new dresses!

This is the portrait he signed for me.

Jun 9, 2009

Katie and Eric's Wedding

To say that it has been a busy few months for the Corman's and Donaldson's would be an understatement. My cousin Katie got married just three weeks after me and Nick. It was so much fun planning our weddings at the same time but boy did it make for a busy Spring.

It was a fun weekend, and Nick and I loved going to a wedding and not being the center of attention!

Me and Katie at the Bridesmaids' Luncheon

Before the Wedding

Bride and Groom about the cut the cake!

Father/Daughter dance

Clay and Nick

Jun 8, 2009

Bermuda Here We Come!

We arrived in Bermuda around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon very tired but very excited to be there. I could go on and on about the wonderful time we had, but I will spare you the long post and simply share a video and some pictures from our week.

Entrance to the resort

Dinner our first night in Bermuda

After dinner one night in the main house

Dinner at The Reefs (our last night)

Trip to Hamilton to do a little shopping

Nick's golf outing

Golf in Bermuda...doesn't get much better than that in Nick's world

Afternoon at the Royal Naval Dockyard

Outside an art museum at the Naval Dockyard

View from our pool

Yumm...PiƱa colada

Nick (or as Sarah Harper likes to call him "Mr. April") soaking up some sun

Earl Bailey - The best Taxi driver!!!

Earl picked us up from the airport when we arrived and he ended up taking us everywhere we needed to go during the week.

It was a fabulous week and we cannot wait to go back!

Jun 5, 2009

Wedding Pictures

The official wedding pictures have arrived! Below are a few of our favorites, but in case you have a burning desire to look at all 500 feel free to click the link below.