Jun 4, 2009

Wedding Day

As many weddings as I have been in combined with all of the advice I received prior to the wedding, I honestly thought that I would be fully prepared for anything that could happen that day. Boy was I wrong. I am convinced that absolutely nothing can prepare you for all of the feelings and emotions associated with that day.

Most of the time leading up to the ceremony I felt almost as if I was in a fog. I basically coasted from one thing to the next not really believing that the day was finally here and in a matter of hours I would be married. I wasn't all that nervous.... probably more anxious that anything. Then the time came to walk down the aisle. If you were there you know what I mean when I say that I burst into the "ugly cry." All of a sudden there I was in a wedding dress passing people who were from all different phases of my life and they were all there to see me. Not to mention that there was a bagpiper in front of me! It was the strangest most wonderful feeling in the world.
These are not the official wedding pictures but are some snap shots that friends took that day.

Emily smocking to pass the time

Margaret, Whitney & Courtney (these girls mean the world to me)

Seeing Dad and Clay for the first time

Sweet Sister and Maid of Honor

Bridesmaids in the elevator

Clay and Neil chatting it up

Does anyone recognize the face in the window?

Fixing the make-up

Patiently waiting

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