May 30, 2016

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Happy Memorial Day!

There continues to be a lot happening in the Baggett house in advance of the twins' arrival. Some of it pertains to prepping for the twins. Some of it

Graham was born on December 28th and, in attempt to prevent present overload, we've always celebrated his birthday around July 28th. Knowing that the twins' arrival would take away from that celebration a little this year, we opted to have Graham's birthday party even earlier this year.

Given the amount of fun Graham had at Let's Play at a friend's party, we decided to have his party there too.

Buzz made an appearance.
Cake time after playing hard!
Then we came home and opened presents.
I don't know how we'll celebrate Grahambo's birthday going forward but we sure do appreciate our family members that played along with us and sent him presents. Graham got really good at popping the new-wave bubble wrap that cushioned all of his packages.

Julie has been such a trooper. She's one step shy of being on full bed rest but she's doing all she can to continue taking care of Graham and me. She needs her rest though so Graham and I have been enjoying some quality outdoor time to help Julie recharge her batteries.

Boots in the sandbox.
We played on the Slip-N-Slide one weekend. B'day present from Grandma Jane!!!
We played in our new pool the next weekend. Buddy Brooks came over to swim too.
Just a swangin'. 
We also joined out friends at the baptism of their daughter. Graham and Brooks were well behaved!

The garden is coming along nicely. We're starting to see some squash and cucumbers. We even have some tomatoes trying to come along. Shouldn't be long!

Bloom on the crookneck squash.

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Life continues! It's only going to get more interesting from here!