Jan 13, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like feeling better. I came down with a bad cold right before Christmas. My symptoms included a failing voice, lots of coughing and lots of congestion in my chest. Nearly a month later, I can now say that I've kicked the cold. I still suffer from an occasional cough but I think that's because my body is used to coughing - it's just a normal reflex now.

This week, I love the Auburn Tigers! Who would have imagined a national championship? Not this season - but ever?!?! I don't want to take a way from Oregon's great play but I think the Auburn players were rusty and nervous - particularly Cam Newton. But they got the job done and brought home the crystal! How about that Auburn defense?!?!

This highlight doesn't include the safety.

Thumbs up to: The Auburn Defense, Michael Dyer and Special Teams.
Thumbs down to: Nick Fairley's personal foul penalty, Eric Smith's missed block that almost killed Cam, Eric Smith's dropped touchdown pass and Eric Smith's personal foul penalty.

This week, I don't like ice. On January 9th, we received a constant pelting of tiny frozen rain droplets at our house. These droplets stuck together and formed a thick sheet of ice over...everything outdoors. The temperature has been so cold this week that much of that ice remains. I'm sick of looking at it. It's not snow...it's ice. I'd probably have a different outlook if it was snow. Snow is fun. Ice is not fun. By the way, what happened to the 8 inches of snow we were supposed to get in central Alabama? Sign me up to be a meteorologist because not having to account for false information seems like easy money to me.

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