Jan 29, 2011

Key Ring App

Still on a conquest to organize my life....this little tool rocked my world and helped me organize!  I got an iphone in December.  I was due for an upgrade and we bought it refurbished from AT&T (for around $45).  To say that I have loved this little gadget would be an understatement....well as much as you can love a phone (because let's face it...it is just a phone).

Anyway I am still figuring all of this out, but today I stumbled on this little app:

Key Ring App

Basically you load all of your little store cards that you either have in your wallet or on your key ring into this app.  Then when you go to the store just hand your phone to the cashier and they scan your phone.  No need to carry around 25 store cards anymore...just load them on your phone!  Plus some stores will automatically load their current coupons to your app so you don't have to clip them from the paper! 

Now I have to admit I was somewhat leery about it actually working, but when I went to Winn Dixie today just pulled up my Winn Dixie card on my phone, handed it to the cashier, and she scanned it.  No problem!

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