Feb 9, 2011


What does 1991 mean to you...  It may have been a special year for some of you, but to me 1991 was the year my house was built.  Now I didn't own this house until 2005, but nonetheless it was built in 1991. 

And do you know what houses built in 1991 have a lot of????  BRASS. 

Brass Light fixtures
Brass Door Knobs
Brass Cabinet Pulls
Brass Faucets

Don't get me wrong I know that back then brass was the thing, but now 20 years later...its got to go!  I tried to start my de-brassing last year, but I didn't get too far.  I did manage to remove the brass fireplace screen, but then I quit.  Well I am here to announce that I am back on task!  But here is the kicker....we are trying to not put any more money into this house (unless it is something we can take with us when we sell) since we already have more money in it then we will ever get when we do decided to sell. 

So I am having to get a little creative in my approach to de-brass this house.  My first attempt will be the outdoor light fixtures.  We have two small lights on either side of our back door and a hanging lantern on the front porch.  These things are in such bad shape you can hardly tell that they are brass...but trust me they are!

I have read multiple blogs and even consulted with a lady in my office who did this and have decided to spray paint these fixtures rather than buy new ones.  Here it goes....

First I removed the fixtures very carefully (if you do this make sure to turn the power off) and washed all the pieces with warm soapy water.  Allow them to dry.

Once dry I used painters tape to cover the wires and inserted some into the socket (where the light bulb goes).  Next I primed all the pieces with this:

Once the primer dried I used Rust-o-leum Flat Black spray paint. 

**Tip**  I used boxes when I was priming and painting and it was a big help.  Kept the paint from getting everywhere!

Here is the finished product!  I promise you cannot tell that they were painted...they look like new fixtures.

Here are  few side by side comparisons.

Amazing what a little spray paint can do!  Stay tuned for more de-brassing.....


  1. Wow, Julie! I'm so impressed! They look great!

  2. I'm very very fortunate to be married to such a talented woman. You have done great with this and all of your projects Julie! I love you!

  3. I just saw them do this on HGTV! Glad to know it works in "real life"