Apr 28, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Golden Corral. I've recently join the Pelham Lions Club and we meet at the local Golden Corral (I used to be an Atmore Lion). Atmore used to have a Golden Corral before I lived there. That's about all I knew of the restaurant. Turns out, they serve decent food at a good price. They aren't as proud of their buffet as much as Paula Deen is ($$$$) but they certainly do a good job.

This week, I love that Tiger (and Phil) will be playing in this week's tournament. I hope to be able to report next week that Tiger got booed. But, it is great having both of these guys in the field.

This week, I don't like the portion of Interstate 65 that runs through Birmingham. North or south, this is the worst stretch of interstate in all of America. For starters, it's mainly concrete. Broken and unrepaired concrete. Then you have to consider all of the construction going on south of Bammerham on I-65. I had to take a trip up I-65N yesterday and it almost rattled out the fillings in my teeth. (I'll be here all week - be sure to tip your waitress).

Bonus don't like: the smart guys at ABC for showing a rerun of LOST last night. C'mon man! Where was the warning about that? I and America DO NOT salute you.

Don't visit this country and land at this airport after watching the pilot episode of LOST (which I believe ABC will re-air before the series finale).

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