Apr 3, 2010

A Wilder Weekend

Last weekend the Wilders (Neil, Katie and Margie Grace) came for a visit. Since they live in Auburn we get to see them a lot during football season, but not so much in the Spring and Summer..so we were thrilled we they decided to come to Birmingham for the weekend. We decided to take Margie Grace to the McWane Center on Saturday. She is 3 1/2 which seemed to be the perfect age to fully enjoy all that the museum has to offer.

This was a pulley system that enables you to pull your own weight.

Nick even got in on the action.

This exhibit demonstrated the arch.


Guess Who???

Last but not least we jumped in the wind machine.

Hang on Margie Grace.
It was a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing the Wilders again soon.

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