May 5, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like appointment television. With DRVs and the ability to stream movies and TV shows to your Blu Ray player, people no longer have to live their lives around TV programming. Growing up, I associated Thursday night with The Cosby Show. Nowadays you don’t have to stop everything you’re doing on Thursday night to watch The Office or 30 Rock. Watch it later in the week or better yet, stream the entire season and plow through it this weekend. An no commercials!

Speaking of Blu Ray players, look what this jackleg did. All that work for a toy?

And I know my sister will want to go search YouTube for a Cosby clip so I’ll just post one for her here. Oh Elvin!

This week, I love the Lord. He has shown us some big signs lately to remind us that He is indeed taking care of us.

This week, I don’t like the non-use of turn signals. Turn signals are totally optional in the greater Birmingham area. Did you know that? Well, you should. This nugget of knowledge comes in very handy when you are traveling at high rates of speed on the interstate. Other useful applications include when you see a car seemingly parked in the turn lane on a major highway. No, this driver does not need assistance. They are simply waiting for the right moment to merge into traffic or to make the turn.

Finger update!!!

I’ve been told by my co-blogger that posting grotesque photos of my finger injury may not be all that prudent. Tomorrow (May 6) marks 4 weeks since my accident. I had a major breakthrough last week but I will not go into the gory details. Nor will I post any of the cool photos that documented said breakthrough. Just think “butterfly emerging from its cocoon” and you will get the picture. Let me know if you would like to see the photos for yourself and I’ll email them to you. I won’t leaving you hanging though…here’s the latest on the finger front.

The tip is very, very tender and you can see that the “hump” is still on the scene. Nice pink color though, don’t you think? Thanks again for your prayers. I’m taking the day off on Friday and spending ALL DAY at Farm Links thanks to my sweet, sweet wife. I’ll have some photos and videos for you soon.

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  1. I would have chosen the 'Cosby' clip of little Rudy lip-synching, but whatever.
    Oh, now I know why we aren't going to Camden on Friday. (1-800-GOLF-ADDICT)