Oct 27, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like WAX & DRY from Turtle Wax. Julie and I washed our cars this weekend and, as Murphy's Law decrees, it rained shortly after. I hate waxing cars but appreciate the protection and shine that is the result of a good waxin'. Looking for an easy way out, I tried WAX & DRY and I must say that I am impressed. After washing your car, leave it wet and spray a little bit of this product on your car. Take a clean cloth and dry your car as normal. Boom. That's it. The bottle says that WAX & DRY offers the same protection as a regular waxing method. We'll see!

This week, I love Gunnin' for that #1 Spot. This 2006 documentary highlights a few of the participants in that year's high school all-star game at Rucker Park in NYC. I watched this film the other night and it reminded me a lot of one of my all-time favorites: Hoop Dreams. Rather than harping on the off-the-court challenges faced by star players, Gunnin' gives some insight into the world of high school basketball recruiting. It covers the player ranking services, AAU teams, coaches that send text messages to recruits and all of the other perks that come with being a really tall and athletic teenager. A lot of players of various ages played in this game but only 8 were spotlighted. Of those 8 players that were featured in 2006, seven of them are now millionaires in the NBA. Kyle Singler, who is a senior at Duke this year, has yet to reach the NBA. My personal friend Nolan Smith is seen at times during the film but is not one of the 8 featured players. Check out the film's Wikipedia page to see outcome of the other seven players. Here's the trailer for the documentary:

This week, I don't like ads at the beginning of online videos. Ever click to watch a video on a news website? You get that :15 second ad that you cannot bypass, no matter what you do. Never have you felt so helpless while online! As much as I dislike these ads, I must say that we deserve 'em. With our deminishing attention spans these days, video is the best way to get message across. And because everyone likes to mulititask, companies and ad agencies have to force you to watch these quick ads. Now that DVRs are exterminating the television commercial, it doesn't appear that these intro ads will be leaving our online videos anytime soon.

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