Oct 19, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the Nintendo Entertainment System. Yesterday (October 18th) marked the 25th anniversary of the unveiling of the NES. How did this slip under the radar? For some unknown reason, Nintendo of America is not publicizing this achievement. But who cares? Each and every one of us - young and old - have been effected by "the Nintendo". I got my NES in the fourth grade for Christmas. A short time later, my mom and dad began renting movies and video games at their appliance store so I was always playing the latest games. Nintendo was so HUGE in my life that my mother often used the promise of new games as an incentive to improve my grades at school. I distinctly remember working hard to raise my grades and bringing home all A's and B's once. I was so excited! I made good on my pact with my mother and I was going to get a copy of "Metroid" to add to my collection of games! When I showed my mother my much-improved report card, I reminded her of our deal. She coldly looked at me and said, "the requirement was all A's". I was crushed. It was almost as if my mother received some kind of enjoyment from breaking my heart. That episode taught me the most valuable life lesson of all: never put forth extra effort because your mother will change the rules.

I eventually got my own copy of Metroid and I still remember getting chills the first time I heard the intro music!

Like I said, Nintendo was HUGE! They produced loads of accessories and we all remember the The Wizard, right? It was basically a commercial the length of a full-feature movie.

This week, I love William Jackson Wilder. My cousins in Auburn (Neil and Katie) welcomed their second child into the world on October 12th. Will is their first son and he is getting a lot of love and attention from his big sister, Margie Grace. Julie and I got to meet Will this past weekend and it is pretty wild to realize that Margie Grace (4) was his size just yesterday! I'm very happy that everyone is healthy and resting at home now!

This week, I don't like bickering Alabama and Auburn football fans. I meant to write about this topic last week but I got too busy. I noticed a lot of sore winners and sore losers last week after Auburn's win over Kentucky and Alabama's loss to South Carolina. I mean...I overheard some really ugly comments at my office last week. I understand everyone's passion and pride but let's get real people! Like my friend Rian says: at the end of the day, your emotions are centered around the actions of a bunch of 18-22 year olds! Read the comments after any article about Alabama or Auburn football on al.com to get a prime example of the hostility of these two fan bases. I may have overly expressed my delight in an Alabama loss in my younger days but I don't do that anymore. I've seen both sides of the taunts and any time spent on the good side can never trump the feeling of being on the bad side. But some people just can't let it go and we must pray for them. Plus, we have a certain "journalist" to thank for constantly stirring the pot and giving these fans a spotlight.

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