Oct 22, 2010

A few things I am LOVING...

I don't know about you but I love getting recommendations from other people about products, recipes and services before I go and try them for myself.  So I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I am into these days (they are totally random).

Many of you know my best friend Kiley....well besides being a great friend she is an awesome gift giver.  It is probably because we have such similar taste, but man the girl never disappoints.  So for my birthday this year she did it again and somehow managed to pick the perfect gift.

This is a Kate Spade cosmetic bag.  I know seems so simple, but yet this one is the perfect size and it so darn cute.  I love that is is made out of vinyl (at least that is what I think it is) so that it wipes clean and is easy to find in the bottomless pit that is my purse!  Great Christmas idea!!!

Secondly is something I have just stumbled upon.  During a recent trip to Ulta I was given a sample of bareMinerals lip gloss.  The colors were actually good so I decided to try it.  Oh boy do I ever love this stuff.  I went the next day to buy a full size.  If you are a lip gloss person...you have to try it.  (This is my favorite color so far...Rose)

My sister, Ellen, is going to graduate school in London and I am so proud of her, but I got really spoiled having her in Birmingham for the last 4 years.  We had lunch dates whenever we wanted to and she came over every Wednesday night and had dinner with us which was lots of fun.  So to say that I miss her is an understatement.  However having skype has made the transition so much easier.  It is AWESOME.  Not only do I get to talk to her for free, but I can see her too!  When I studied in London we had to walk down the street and use a pay phone and use prepaid calling cards (amazing what can change in 7 years).

Roasted Green Beans....need I say more.  I am sure I am probably the last person to find out about this, but it has rocked my world.  I have always roasted asparagus and recently started roasting broccoli, but it never dawned on me to roast fresh green beans.  The flavor is amazing and they are so healthy!!!  Just drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake on 400 for about 20 minutes.  When they are done toss beans with a little more olive oil and serve.  If you want to take it a step farther toss in some goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes!!!!  You will not be disappointed.

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