Aug 5, 2010

Meeting Mr. Smith

My sister joined Julie and me on a trip to North Carolina this past weekend to attend the 2010 McIntyre family reunion. My mother is from Burlington, NC, and her family gathers every other year. We three met my parents in North Carolina. Burlington is very near Durham so to kill some time one day, Julie, my sister, my Dad and I drove over to the Duke University campus. It was a rainy, grey Saturday so we took it upon ourselves to park the car and walk around a bit.

We saw the Duke University Chapel, posed for pictures outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium, visited the Duke football facility and stopped by a merchandise store. As we were walking back to the car to leave, I noticed a familiar face walking our way. It was Nolan Smith, member of the 2009-'10 National Champion Duke mens basketball team! I was pretty proud of myself for staying composed as I asked him to take a quick picture with me. Julie was Johnny-on-the-spot with the camera.

I follow Nolan on Twitter and regularly visit his blog. He was very nice and I think Julie took a great picture! Perhaps good enough for our Christmas card this year. He was very polite too...he answered all of my questions with "yes, sir". That made me feel kinda old but I just have to accept the fact that it is a good thing that some people his age possess such manners. Nolan is entering his senior year at Duke and I can't wait for next season!

Here's a clip of Nolan off the court:

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