Aug 31, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like scaring Julie. It's not some evil pleasure. I like scaring Julie because it helps heighten her awareness of her surroundings and possible intruders. I've had years of practice in scaring people as I mastered the art at my mother's expense. Consequently, I learned how to dodge a punch thanks to my mother. Julie still has a long way to go as far as her reactions are concerned. Hopefully, I will be able to film some of these training sessions to share with you. Julie's typical reactions make these look extremely weak.

This week, I love the arrival of college football. It honestly feels like the national title game was just a few weeks ago. And if you think about it, the season will be over before we know it. So we'll have to savor every moment that we can! I want to go on the record as saying Auburn will finish 11-1 in the regular season this year (fluke loss to LSU). It's going to be a special season with lots of good games. There's so many side stories too, as I've mentioned in past posts. I stick by my claims and look forward to seeing how it all unfolds!

This week, I don't like not having a go-to TV show. When I'm not scaring her, I like to watch TV with my wife. Our relationship began and bloomed thanks to LOST and we absolutely love Friday Night Lights. But we're currently without a good, go-to TV show. Part of this problem stems from conflicting interests (I have picked some real stinkers on Netflix lately that Julie didn't enjoy) and also the lack of good shows to be watched. Got any suggestions?

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    I hope that Julie isn't getting too scared! My mom loves funny videos, so the other day I was looking for some good scary ones to send her... these are two of my favorites!