Sep 8, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Rickie Fowler's addition to the US Ryder Cup team. This is just Rickie's first full year on the PGA tour and he hasn't won any tournaments. But he has played very well and made a lot of money. Captain Corey Pavin isn't taking quite as much heat from critics for picking Rickie as I anticipated. I think that shows that a lot of people know that Fowler is a good golfer with a lot of team-golf experience. The Ryder Cup is October 1-3 in Wales.

This week, I love the Boise State football program. I couldn't stay up to finish watching the game on Monday night because I am old. But what I saw was awesome. For you folks that think Boise's win fouled up the national championship picture, I ask you: how could it get more fouled up? This program is special and what they have accomplished is impressive. Including Monday's win, BSU has won 113 games since the 2000-'01 season. I don't care what conference they play in. They've dominated their conference and have passed a lot of tough tests during that time...especially arguably their biggest test:

This week, I don't like school traffic. Since area schools began their new year, approximately 30 minutes have been added to my drive home every day. I But this really irks me. Why does school add such a drastic change? Bless my wife - she puts up with much worse traffic each and every day and never comes home in a bad mood. But I'm not such a good sport and I only further frustrate myself when I try to think of a solution. But you know what? Bammerhamers aren't going to carpool. There is no solution.

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