Sep 30, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Alumni Weekend at Huntingdon College. Julie joined me for the annual alumni event down in Montgomery last weekend. Huntingdon has changed a lot since I graduated (for the better) and the most noticeable change is the addition of a football team. I really, really like the gameday atmosphere that the Hawks have established on campus. The stadium is directly across the street from the dorms, the alumni association had a huge tent to welcome graduates back and the field was in pristine condition. Too bad the Hawks lost to Birmingham-Southern! It was a great weekend though and I'm glad my wife was willing to go with me!

This week, I love the Royal Red Robin Burger. While in the Gump, Julie and I had lunch at Red Robin. This burger instantly caught my eye because it features a fried egg, among other wonderful toppings. I destroyed this hamburger. Not only did it taste good, it also symbolized the end of carefree eating for me. Julie and I vowed to start being more aware of our nutritional intake after the trip. Obviously, items like the Royal Red Robin Burger won't be on my menu in the future so I enjoyed every last morsel while I could. Look at that photo. I want one of these things RIGHT NOW.

This week, I don't like Tweet bans. Julie and I share a Twitter account and both get lots of enjoyment out of posting witty quotes and updates. Twitter is so, so much better than Facebook. Little known fact: professional golfers make up the largest group of athletes that use Twitter (per capita). The Ryder Cup (only the biggest golfing event other than the annual major tournaments) is this weekend and the teams have decided to ban Twitter use during the course of the event. Boooooooo! I can think of 6 Twitter users on Team USA (players and coaches). The European team features almost as many users. I guess I understand their thinking but the Ryder Cup would be a lot cooler if we could have access to behind-the-scene photos and comments.

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