Sep 15, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Gordon Gekko. My wife (Julie) spotted an advertisement for the soon-to-be-released sequeal to Wall Street and declared that she would like to see this film. My wife (Julie) is not very...inclined to pop culture so I knew without a doubt that she had not see the original Wall Street. So I made her a deal: watch the original Wall Street with me at home and I'll take her to see the sequel in the theater (Just call me Tom Sawyer!). We have watched most of the original film and my wife (Julie) has done her very best to keep up with the story. I've enjoyed watching this movie again because it reminded me of how many great scenes it offers. Like this one, which contains a powerful speech by Gordon that...kinda summarizes the thinking that got this country into it's current situation:

Here's the original trailer for Wall Street:

Looks great right?! I can't find a legal trailer for the sequel but here's a link to what appears to be the film's official website. Looks like the sequel could be a winner even with Shia The Beef!

This week, I love candy pumpkins. For many folks, the changing of the leaves or the cooler temperatures signify the arrival of fall. Not me - I know it's fall when I see/eat candy pumpkins. My sister brought a bag o' pumpkins over last weekend and I managed to eat 3 pounds of the things by myself. If I'm not diabetic already, I am now. Ironically, I'm not big on candy corn...even though it's probably the same thing. The pumpkins just taste better. GRAB A HANDFUL TODAY!

This week, I don't like technogadgets in church. I think I've found something that irks me more than texting drivers - people that text in church. A young professional sat in front of me last Sunday and he was constantly fumbling with his cell phone during the sermon. I know I should have been focusing more on the message but this guy was very distracting. I find this extremely tacky and I'm very disappointed in this guy's inability to realize his insulting behavior. The real kick was the older gentleman just a few pews further up with his iPad. Really, buddy? You can't just grab the provided Bible in front of you? You have to whip out your shinny new iPad? Whether it kills us on the road or causes us to be stuck down from above, technology is going to get us all. You heard it here first.

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