Aug 24, 2010

10 Years

It is so hard to believe that it really has been 10 years since I graduated from high school!  I know many of you have just had your reunions as well so you know what I am talking about.  Time goes by so fast. 

Now before any of you pass any judgements on the number of people in the pictures below please keep in mind that there were only 23 people in my graduating class so the fact that we had 14 people come means we had over 60% in attendance! 

All in all it was a nice evening.  As Nick mentioned previously the reunion was held at the new Wind Creek Casino in Atmore.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and had a great time catching up with each other.  In a class of only 23 you get pretty close (especially those of us who were together from Kindergarten - 12th grade).

Group Picture
I couldn't believe it, but the boys out numbered the girls!
Nick was such a trooper.  It is never any fun to go to someone else's reunion, but he had a great attitude.

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