Mar 9, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

I've been taking full advantage of opportunities to play some golf lately. My scores indicate that I could have a much bigger impact on this planet by blogging more. However, I hope to have some new golf videos soon.

This week, I like the Federal Reserve. I just returned from a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta with some coworkers. Working with the Federal Reserve is not part of my job but I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this place where banks and credit unions send their cash and coins. And brother, I saw a lot of cash today. And I saw where a lot of that cash gets destroyed. I even brough some home!

This week, I love NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. I've always wanted to be a game show host or news anchor. Brian Williams is the suavest man on television. He is very knowledgable of worldly events, he's a very good reader, he is funny as heck when he appears on late night shows and gets away with only having 3 neck ties in his rotation. And the Nightly News set is the best set in the industry. It's just a green screen and an awesome desk. I record Nightly News each night and even though it is always systematically BAD news, I will always be loyal to NBC. Do you know who the celebrity announcer is that introduces Mr. Williams each night? Leave your guesses in the comment section. When I learned this nugget, my mind was blown.

This week, I don't like the high praise for Charlie Sheen. I'll admit to to finding Charlie's catch phrases very funny at the beginning of his latest downfall. 10 years ago, I would have been the first person selling Tiger Blood t-shirts. But now I'm beginning to be disturbed by the number of people that are approving of his carefree lifestyle. I'm afraid that too many impressionable people are buying into his theory that life is about doing whatever you want to do. Life can't be that way. We're free in America but we're fortunate that (some) people know that nothing good comes from living a selfish lifestyle.


  1. That's easy. It's Richard Dreyfuss.

  2. It's Gordon Gecko. Boom.
    Brilliams is at his best when he slow jams the news on Late Night -- classic!