Dec 22, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

Aawwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah! Guess who's back?!? Special thanks to Julie for filling in while I've been wrapping all of our presents.

This week, I like light work traffic. Seems that a lot of folks have vacation time to use during the Christmas and New Year's holiday span. This makes for easy, stress-free trips to and from work. More of this please! Seriously, going to work this week has been a breeze due to school closings. It's like getting a taste of summer traffic without the overbearing heat.

This week, I love Wal-phed. I'm getting older and the body doesn't hold up like it used to. This week started with severe pain from sinus headaches. My throat really hurt too. Julie gave me some Wal-phed and I was feeling better in no time. When used improperly, this stuff can be a key ingredient for crystal meth. I guess that's why you have to buy it over the counter now. Rednecks have to ruin everything.

This week, I don't like the college football bowl season. Seems that every corporation with some extra spending cash can get their own bowl game now. I remember when playing your bowl game on New Year's day meant something, dang it. This year, playing on January 1st means that you have 4 overlapping games and two more that start later in the day. PLUS, January 1st bowl games take a back seat to SEVEN more bowl games that are played well into January. The bowl season alone should be enough reason for a college football playoff. By the time Auburn plays on January 10th, almost 40 days will have passed. Please join me by supporting the Playoff PAC, a group that works to elect government officials that are for a better system by which to crown national college football champions.

Now, this video was made last year after TCU and Boise State went undefeated and were denied a chance to play for the national championship (similar to Auburn's 2004 team). I fully agree with the critics that argue that these two particular teams benefit from weak conference schedules. To that I say: let them duke it out in a playoff. If they get clobbered in the first round of a playoff, that's a better result than having to always wonder, "what if?". Teams like Boise State and TCU have no business playing in the national championship game under current standards.


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