Dec 21, 2010

Christmas Bubble

So far I have managed to smock outfits for all of my friends babies, well at least their first born.  Now I have friends on their second and third and I can't keep up!  I absolutely love working on the outfits.  As I am making it I often think about what they will be like, what they will look like, and I spend time praying for them as well.  It is time consuming, but I get so much pleasure seeing them in an outfit that I made.

In October, my best friend Kiley had a little girl (Anna Kathryn).  Kiley decided to be difficult and not find out what she was having so it made it somewhat difficult to pick a pattern and a plate that was gender neutral.  I decided on Maja's Heirlooms Cory's Bubble pattern mainly because the only difference for a boy and girl are the sleeves.  Then I chose the Cross Eyed Cricket Fleur De Lis plate because Kiley collects Fleur De Lis and I thought it would be fun to smock it in Christmas colors. 


  1. Beautiful!! You are so talented!! We have LOVED the outfits you've made Britton and Lia Kate! LK will get to wear her's again next year, too. Bonus. Merry Christmas!

  2. Love it! Turned out SO cute and what a wonderful gift for your friends. I hope you are saving a few things for yourself one day. :)

  3. Julie, this is incredible! What a sweet gift!