Sep 30, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

Julie is still doing well folks - just a little wrapped up in yet another hobby!

This week, I like the fact that Julie is getting more involved with a great hobby that she originally expressed interest in this time last year. Julie started re-upholstering her first chair over the weekend! I'm sure she will be posting photos soon so I won't steal too much of her thunder. I can really tell that she is enjoying it!

This week, I love remembering that I met Julie 3 years ago on October 4th. That's another post for another day! Incidentally, Julie last laughed at one of my jokes 3 years ago on October 4th.

This week, I don't like the fact that Tiger Woods has eclipsed the $1 BILLION mark in career earnings. He's the first professional athlete to do so and this amount is hard for me to grasp. He does very well for himself just on money he wins at tournaments. And don't forget his endorsement deals. The real kicker is that he has now entered the realm of golf course design - an income source that will last far longer than his golf winnings (which aren't going away anytime soon). Side note: Don't feel sorry for Jack, Arnie or any of the older players that paved the way for Tiger. They may have not enjoyed the same riches during their playing days but they do extremely well for themselves each year thanks in large part to Tiger and the attention he brings to golf.

Wow - a BILLION. I tried to find some unseen video clip of Tiger but came across this instead. Don't watch if you are timid about the national deficit!

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