Sep 9, 2009

Labor Day golf

Clay "Bocephus" Branch and I played the Ridge course at Oxmoor Valley on our day off on Monday. I promised some footage of my new irons in action. Unfortantely, I didn't get any video of my irons but here are a few of me and Clay from various holes. The state of Maryland may be best known for crabcakes and football but Clay is famous for making eagles from 120 yards. Unfortunately, I did not have the camera handy when Clay pulled off this incredible shot on the par four #6 but it certainly helped him put together a very nice round.

Here's Clay with his driver. Be sure to turn the volume down as his booms can cause speaker damage.

That's deep! So deep that Clay decided to strut down the fairway rather than ride in the cart with me. Here's a shot of me with a 3 wood from a fairway:

Handsome and sweet-swinging! Julie is so lucky!

Clay and I had fun with the camera and we're definitely going to take it on future outings. I promise to get some quality video of some shots with my irons. (Side note: I've never seen video of my swing before. It's kinda like hearing your voice on tape for the first time.) I do love my new irons and I love my wife for getting them for me (and for many other reasons). They are great in every way possible and occasionally cause me to consider a bold transition. I know exactly how this guy feels in the video below.

Julie always asks what Clay and I talk about during our rounds. This is pretty much exactly like one of our conversations. JULIE, HOWEVER, IS NOT! I love that!


  1. Julie and I are so lucky to have such talented husband's! Glad you guys had fun!!! :)

  2. I didn't know Nick was a true lefty... not a fraud lefty like Clay and I.