Sep 23, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

Just so that everyone will know...Julie is fine. Nothing is wrong. Her creative juices just haven't been flowing lately.

This week, I like the idea of staying home this weekend. Between traveling to Auburn for games (which has been great!) and hosting family members (which has also been great!), Julie and I haven't had a "lazy" weekend in a while. We're both looking forward to being unproductive this weekend.

This week, I love "Cookies 'n' Cream" candy bars from Hershey's. These wonderous treats are the perfect blend of white chocolate and crispy chocolate cookies. Try one for yourself today and thank me tomorrow.

This week, I don't like how the playing conditions for this weekend's PGA Tour playoff finale are looking. The Atlanta area has received rain amounts that would make Noah nervous over the last week. The Tour won't like ending the season with a lackluster winner or under weather conditions that force 36-hole days. For the record, I like Stewart Cink winning it all on (one of) his home course(s).

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