Apr 1, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like On Demand. I fully support the concept of “appointment television”. I don’t like commercials and thanks to DVRs, I enjoy being able to watch my favorite programs whenever I desire. I started exploring the On Demand feature of our cable box the other day and I found some nice surprises. I’m not going to pay to watch any On Demand content but there are a lot of good shows available for free viewing. I’ve watched the entire 3rd season of Parks and Recreation and ESPN has some great programs available too. We have over 300 channels and nothing to watch. On Demand, Instant Netflix and the DVR have become my go-to entertainment tools.

This week, I love our “new” grill. We didn’t get a new grill. But I did manage to purchase and install new grill parts that totally brought our gas grill back to life. The difference is night and day but let me tell you – this was a challenge. The grill on our deck is so old that it no longer features any identifying labels or model numbers. I scanned the internet armed only with the manufacturer’s name and the dimensions of the parts I needed. I came across this parts company’s website that looked straight out of 1994. Despite its looks, I was able find what I needed after carefully examining the diagrams. I placed my order and waited – FOR FOUR WEEKS. The parts finally came in. I installed them and put them to the test earlier this week. SUCCESS! As I ate the cooked meat and tasted the delicious juices, a sense of usefulness and mastery of animals came over me. It was good meat and a good rush.

This week, I don’t like the flat-bill look. You know what I’m talking about -these baseball players and their flat-billed hats. Alabama’s own Colby Rasmus is a prime example. What is that?! When I was coming up through the ranks, the more curve in your bill, the better. Seriously, if your bill was flat, you were a total dweeb. (And yes, I know what sound like right now) The flat bill, which looks like it could have been created by a surfer, has penetrated the national pastime and is considered high fashion by the youths of America. What’s worse is that I’m starting to see professional golfers incorporate this look into their wardrobes. It was OK when Rickie Fowler was the only guy doing it. But now I’m starting to see other players (like Hunter Mahan) sport the flat bill and I’m fully expecting my good friend Clay Branch to succumb to this fad very soon. In closing, it just looks stupid.

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