Mar 21, 2010

Productive Weekend

I love the feeling at the end of a weekend that I have really accomplished something or at least marked a number of items off of my endless "To Do" list. Below is what my weekend entailed.

Grocery Store
Learn to Knit
Buy new microwave
Install new microwave
Work on sofa

All in all a fairly productive weekend.

My friend Emily Branch was nice enough to spend several hours with me on Saturday to teach me how to knit. I have wanted to learn for some time now, but never seem to find the time. Nick and Emily's husband, Clay, decided to play golf so it was the perfect time to us to get together. I am working on a dish rag and am almost done. I think I am going to like knitting as it is something easy to pick up and is pretty mindless. Thanks again Emily!

I am happy to report that the sofa is ALMOST done. I have just a few finishing touches then I will post some pictures. I am very pleased with it so far....just can't wait to have it all done!

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