Mar 9, 2010

Girls Beach Weekend

As most of you probably know each year me and three of my best friends from college (Whitney, Courtney and Margaret) always get together for a beach trip. We all look forward to the weekend and cherish the time together especially now since we all live in different cities.

Last year the wedding posed a problem, even though we did get together twice for wedding related functions so this year we were determined to get back on track. However with babies on the way and Margaret living in Missouri for 3 months we had a few hurdles.

Whitney is due in early April and Courtney is due in May so we figured that we needed to get the trip in before the babies come. So rather than our usually June/July trip we opted to go in February.

In January, Margaret found out that her husband John was going to have to spend several months in Branson, MO for his job. Rather than be apart for that long (with a 1 year old) Margaret decided to go with John. We tried to figure out a way for her to make the trip, but it just didn't work out this year. We missed her so much, but her absences gives us a reason to try to get together again later this year!

No trip to Destin is complete without shopping. So since babies seemed to be the theme this year we hit up the Carter outlet and found these cute outfits!

This picture proves that you do carry boys lower. Whitney is on the left and having a girl. Courtney is on the right and having a boy. Now look at their hands!

Just for the record...I would like to make note that this year (and probably ONLY this year) I was the thinnest in the group!
It was a wonderful trip, and I cannot wait to meet this two precious babies!!!

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