Mar 18, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like I helped my dad do a little yard work in the family cemetery down in Florida a few weeks ago. I'm always impressed at his ability to rattle off facts and describe the linage of all these people in the ground. I've been seeing a lot of commercials for lately. Since I can't retain genealogy the way my father can, I figured I'd check out the website. It looks to be very impressive and useful. I would like to give it a shot but the hefty $155 annual service fee means I'll have to continue to rely on Dad's stories for now.

This week, I love Daylight Saving Time. Now if we could just get some sunshine! I'll definitely take the longer days. Please note that the correct term is daylight SAVING time...not SAVINGS. However, using the plural form is accepted.

This week, I don't like Tiger's timing. I haven't addressed the Tiger Woods situation because you can get that info anywhere else. There's no secret that the PGA Tour needs Tiger to return for numerous reasons. Most people point to TV ratings but I note the level of competition he brings. Sure, he doesn't lose often but when he does, it makes your heart swell with happiness. He's definitely a "heel" in my book and it didn't take a busted fire hydrant for me to come to that conclusion.

I'm here to say that I don't like Tiger's decision to mark his return at this year's Master's tournament. I called this shot back in December and wouldn't you know it? The guy is not going to heed my warning! Tiger has always been given credit for turning on millions of new fans to the game of golf since his pro debut back in the 1990's. There's no denying this achievement and what he means to golf. But these days, Tiger is drawing a whole new crowd of people to golf in the form of The National Enquirer and Billy Bush. I sorta feel that Tiger's return is tainting Augusta.

Want another golf prediction? How about this: Tiger will only play in the major tournaments this year (Masters, US Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship).

We should all kick ourselves for not seeing Tiger's infidelity at an earlier age. Watch in the final seconds of this clip as he scans the audience with his eyes for his next female victim.

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