Feb 18, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like tote bags. At the risk of being labeled a “tree hugger”, Julie has been taking a few of those reusable tote bags with her to the grocery store lately. These tote bags may help contribute to Mother Earth’s health but that’s not why I like them. I like them because there seems to be some amendment to the Bagboy’s Code that says, “Cram as much as you possibly can into a tote bag.” This is opposite of the methodology used for plastic bags. So now that Julie is using tote bags, we only have to make one trip to the car when unloading groceries (as opposed to 17 trips when using plastic bags).

This week, I love Ebay. Several weeks ago, Julie sold my PlayStation 2 on Ebay (miss you buddy!!). I was able to look past the pain caused by this separation and eventually see Ebay as a streamlined way of getting rid of stuff you no longer want. Julie was a trooper and handled most of the details but from what I gathered, it seems like an easy process. In an attempt to dump some old golf clubs, Julie is now trying to sell my set of irons that I no longer use. I was impressed by the amount Julie got for the PS2 and so far she’s getting a lot of attention with the irons.

This week, I don’t like cold weather. This snow business is getting old. By my count, it has snowed 3 times in the Bammerham area since January of 2008 – twice since the beginning of this year. This last round was the “heaviest” by far but the fact that I did not even take the first picture of this recent snow should give you an idea of how fed up I am. Plus, it is just downright cold! Recent lows have been below freezing and the days haven’t been much warmer. I know…I shouldn’t be complaining. I couldn’t imagine what this poor guy was going through when this video was taken a few weeks ago in West Virginia. I’m ready for some warmer weather and I’m not just saying that for golf’s sake!!

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