Feb 6, 2010

Dress for Isabella

As Nick often reminds me...I have way to many hobbies. Between smocking, calligraphy, upholstery, couponing, not to mention a full time job I sometimes (oftentimes) get in over my head. However I had to smock something for Isabella (Whitney's baby that is due in early April).

This is the dress that I smocked for her and gave to Whitney at the shower.

For all of you fellow smockers...I used the Chery Williams "Baby Bishop" Pattern and the Creative Keepsakes "Cynthia" plate.
I cannot wait to see her in it!


  1. Julie, the dress is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so impressed that you know how to do that! Nice work!

  2. Precious! I cannot wait to sew things like that myself!!

  3. Love it! It is beautiful! What a special gift - from one smocker to another. :)