Feb 4, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like


This week, I like Super Bowl commercials. I'm really looking forward to Sunday's game - and the commercials. I've always been interested in the ads. The amounts spent on these spots are growing higher every year. I think that's why we all become advertising experts during the game. If your super-high budget is public knowledge, folks are going to be gunning for you and looking to tear down your artistic creativity. Having said that, let me now say that no ads from recent years stick out to me. Ads these days have all become a blend of expensive colors and famous faces. For my money, give me the Bud Bowl!!!

This week, I don't like the film, Conan the Barbarian. Feeling that my manhood needed a B 12 shot, I watched this movie this week instantly via Netflix. Many people are quick to say that this movie gave Arnold Schwarzenegger his big break. I respond to that claim with this simple question: "Who thought giving this guy more roles based on this performance was a good idea?!?!"

Holy cow this movie is bad. This movie is looooong. This movie is weird. This movie was co-written by Oliver Stone. This movie co-stars James Earl Jones in a bad wig. Governor Schwarzenegger's line are not great in length due to his broken English but I guess sometimes, all that matters is how well you wield a sword in nothing but a loincloth. I shouldn't be too hypocritical - that's pretty much how I won Julie's heart.

This week, I love that my mom has retired. She's put in a lot of hard work and she is very deserving of some free time to kick up her feet. My mom thinks the Internet is the mesh lining in my dad's swimming trunks, so there's no way she'll ever see this blog. But I'm proud of my mom and happy for her!

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