Jan 27, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Tostitos Restaurant Style salsa. It is crucial that you understand my emphasis on RESTAURANT STYLE. This is the closest thing to quality Mexican restaurant salsa that you can buy in a store. I first became aware of this product in the early 2000’s but its appearances came in spurts. I am encouraged to see more and more jars on the shelves these days. With the Super Bowl coming up, this is a must-have for your viewing party. HOWEVER – be forewarned of the addictive characteristics of Tostitos Restaurant Style salsa. Don’t kid yourself and buy only one jar. I can easily slurp through a jar in one sitting. This salsa is best enjoyed with Tostitos SCOOPS chips.

This week, I love that we’re merely days away from the season premiere of LOST. With this being the sixth and final season, I have a pretty solid theory on how the show will end. (Leave your contact info in the comments if you would like to discuss.) There are lots and lots of questions that the writers must answer this season. Here’s hoping that they go easy on all of the romance angles and give us the good stuff. My good friend Clay has never seen an episode of LOST and won’t give it a chance. That’s about the only bad thing I can say about the guy. If you’re like Clay but DO want to give it a shot, please know that you have to start from the beginning. Luckily, we live in the Instant Age and you can easily catch up with DVD box sets. For those of you needing a refresher, I offer this neat clip below. But seriously, you may not want to watch it if you’ve never seen an episode before. Your brain will melt.

This week, I don’t like being behind the cell phone trend. I’ve had the same cell phone plan since two thousand and two (2002). My plan is obsolete. I went through the big Cingular/AT&T merger and wear that fact like a badge. But, because my contract automatically renews, I am allowed to keep this old plan. I just upgrade my phones, which I’ve done 3 times. My current phone is OK, I guess. I rarely use it but it dawned on me that I have a flip phone when everyone else has a mini computer in their pocket. My phone is no better than the phone my 65 year old father uses. What I really want is a phone that I can post Twitter updates with. I guess I could do that with my current phone but Oldie McPlan doesn’t have a text package. I just need a new start. At least that way I may feel that I’ve caught up with today’s high-schoolers. One bright side to my plan is the low, low monthly cost. I’ll need to think about this over a jar of salsa.

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