Jan 6, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Andre Dawson. My favorite player from my favorite baseball team (Chicago Cubs) got the green light for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame today. "The Hawk" was everything that was right about baseball. Tall, skinny and broad-sholdered, Dawson smacked 2 homers in the only major league game I've ever been to (vs. the Braves in Fulton County Stadium). Hearing this news brought back a lot of good memories. Here's a clip of "The Hawk" at his finest:

And what about this song?!?! AWESOME!!!!!!

(HatTip: Midwest Sports Fans via Deadspin)

This week, I love the new Golf Central set. Lots of BLUE - my favorite color. This show is the daily news/sportscast on the Golf Channel. Yes...there's enough golf material out there to have a daily show (Amiright, Tiger?!?!). The 2010 season kicks off this week and the Golf Channel unveiled its swanky new set. Believe you me, this is a big upgrade.

This looks a lot like the main set of the Major League Baseball (MLB) Network. Hmmm, I guess studies have shown that the majority of viewers (most likely males) prefer the color BLUE.

This week, I don't like being ask that question. You know the question I'm talking about. We've all been asked it over the past few weeks. Let me cut to the chase and share my answer:

"Heck no I'm not pulling for Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game."

How many Bama fans pulled against Northwestern? That's what I thought! I must add that I'm not necessarily pulling for Texas either. I'm an Auburn fan. Auburn's not playing in this game. And please don't make me feel bad about not pulling for an SEC team. I don't get into it like that.

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