Nov 4, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the fact that there are some of you out there that are really helping me with my weight issue. I mentioned that I enjoyed some...ok, a lot...of chicken strips from Zaxby's the other day via Twitter. Our good friend Emily was quick to politely call me out on my relapse. Thank you Emily. This has given me a new outlook on my quest that I voiced to the world last week. And knowing that there are others just like Emily spanning the globe gives me that needed pressure to stay the course. The next time I consider that extra helping, I'll remind myself that there are school children in France that are wondering if I'll ever get back into those pants.

This week, I love knowing that Julie's planning skills will make Christmas shopping much more tolerable. This is my first Christmas as Julie's husband. I didn't put a lot of planning or thought into my shopping efforts during my bachelor days. I'd wait until the last minute and vow every year to start my shopping as early as the following October. That never happened, of course. But now I am a part of a structured team and holiday shopping no longer intimidates me. Julie and I are well on our way to being the tag team champions of Christmas shopping and her intensity is like a elbow drop from the top rope. We've already crossed a lot of items off of our list. At least I know my sister is relieved that someone else has to help me this year!

This week, I don't like driving home from work in the dark. It feels like it's 8:00 when I get home. Plus, it's already tuff to drive around here but dark driving conditions pose even more of a challenge to me because of my less-than-perfect vision. It has been a joy to be reminded this week that Birmingham drivers curiously increase their velocity when conditions worsen. And to think that I used to get mad when I would get caught behind a farmer on his tractor.

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