Oct 14, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week I like my special New Orleans breakfast. I only make it on rare occasions, such as this past Saturday morning. My New Orleans breakfast consists of a bountiful portion of Steak Benedict along with a Bloody Mary or two. What was so special about this past Saturday morning? Nothing, really. Auburn's game kicked off at 11:00 so I woke up about 7:00 and got things going. Everything turned out very nice and I would like to give Julie a special acknowledgement for her help with the Hollandaise sauce on Friday night. Side note: Why is it dubbed a "New Orleans" breakfast? Mainly because the best Bloody Mary in America is served at Commander's Palace in New Orleans. Also, New Orleans was special to me way before Katrina and I usually rank the Cresent City #2 in my annual listing of best cities/towns in the USA...right behind Camden, AL.

This week, I love the fact that Julie wants to spend every waking moment at my side. Fun fact: left undisturbed, Julie can slumber until at least noon on a Saturday. Well, maybe not noon but she can go for a while. You can imagine my surprise this past Saturday morning when Julie came staggering down the steps at 7:30 and curled up beside me on the couch just as the New Orleans breakfast was about to start. She indicated that everything was OK but that she just wanted to be with me. Can you beat that, America? Almost made me cry in my Bloody Mary. Almost. In all seriousness, there is no better feeling than to know that you are loved.

This week, I don't like the fact that the Nobel Peace prize can be awarded to someone that does not follow through on campaign promises and totally fouls up his home city's chance of winning an Olympic bid just by becoming involved with the selection process.

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  1. So that's what a poached egg looks like, Nick? Eww. Wow, I would love to be at Commander's Palace right now! You missed a great opportunity with this post to use our picture outside of Commander's from the New Orleans tour 2005. FAIL.