Oct 8, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

There are some things that I don't appreciate about living in Birmingham but I have to admit that I finally have come to like the convenience factor of living in Birmingham. Case in point: Julie expressed a desire for a staple gun with a lot more "oomph" to it. Solution? We took a two minute drive to Lowe's and got a stapler that would do the job. Case closed. Boom. Tears dried. I can't say that such a feat would have been so easily accomplished in towns that I previously lived in.

This week, I love The President's Cup. I'll take this event over the Ryder Cup anyday. Why? Because the President's Cup pits the U.S.ofA. against the WORLD - not just Europe. And just because we have Tiger on our side doesn't mean it's going to be cakewalk. Everything about this event is just cool. I mean, Michael Jordan is serving in an advisory role to the US team!

This week, I don't like knowing that Margie Grace is getting older! That means that I am getting A LOT older! Margie Grace Wilder was born about the time Julie and I first started dating. In fact, Julie actually thought that I was trying to blow her off when I told her that my cousins had a baby. Long story for another day but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGIE GRACE!


  1. I can now post comments... you've been warned. Is that footage of Jordan from 1989?! Look how skinny he was... and the shorts! Da' BULLS!

  2. I don't like that MG is getting older either . . . but the trade-off is that as she grows up, she gets to do lots of cool "Big Girl" things and that's fun for her. I guess she can't be a baby forever! Thanks for the post -- we can never celebrate her birthday without thinking of you and Julie! :)