Aug 4, 2009

So Excited to See Her

I am not the only female in my family who has had a wonderful 2009 so far! My sister, Ellen, spent mid January - mid May studying in London and has been in Washington DC all summer interning with the Heritage Foundation.

Her studying abroad and internship combined with my wedding have only allowed us to see each other 1 time since she left in January! She is moving back to Birmingham to start her Senior year at Samford later this month, and I cannot wait! I have been so blessed to spend as much time with her as I have over the past three years, and will not take a minute of this last year for granted.

All of you who know Ellen, know that she has every intention to end up in DC.

All of you who know me, know that I have every intention of staying right here in Sweet Home Alabama.

Meaning that this MAY be the last year that we ever live in the same city.

Ellen you will probably never see this, since you think that blogs are only for people with too much time on their hands, but on the off chance that you do see this - I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!

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