Jul 29, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

Ready for another installment of Like, Love and Don't Like? I knew you were!

This week, I like the Shelby County (AL) library system. Their services are free and if you check a book out from one library, you can return it to another library in the county with no hassle.

This week, I love the fact that college football season is almost here. Granted, the season will fly by but at least the newspapers, blogs and radio shows will have something more interesting to cover. I've almost (almost!) had my fill of baseball, don't care about Brett Farve and don't know much about this summer's crop of NBA free agents.

This week, I don't like my itchy eyes. I'm not sure if it is pollen in the air, my contacts or my rugged lifestyle but waking up with lots of eye crispies is getting old and itchy eyes are just plain uncomfortable.

Check back in for my next batch of personal opinions that you didn't ask for next week!

Oh yeah! Twitter.

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  1. Girl! I didn't know you did calligraphy. Did you do your wedding invites. They were gorgeous. My mom and I have talked about them several times.I will remember that for my little stationery business. If you have some standard prices please send them my way and I will keep them on file. Thanks for the kudos on the smocking. Any suggestions on putting the insert into the outfit? We should also swap smocking plates sometime. Such fun!