Aug 24, 2009

Move In and Birthday

This past weekend my mom, dad, and sister came to town. On Saturday we moved Ellen back into the ADPi house at Samford. This was the 5th and last time we will move into that dorm. I lived there 2 years and this is Ellen's 3rd year. Can't say that I will miss that move, but at least she is living on the main floor this year so there were fewer stairs to deal with. After the move in was complete I took Nick on a tour of the chapter room. Not sure if any of my fellow pledge class members will read this, but if you do....we have only one composite left in the chapter room. The rest have been rotated upstairs! I was shocked and suddenly felt very old.

We also had the pleasure of celebrating Nick's birthday over the weekend. I made a big dinner on Saturday night complete with a homemade peanut butter pie. Then yesterday (his actual birthday) we went to The Open Door for brunch. All in all a great weekend!

Nick's birthday presents came a little early this year. Shortly after we got back from our honeymoon Nick went to get fitted for some custom Ping irons. From the day he got fitted he talked about those irons every day. He would constantly send me e-mails about the irons and drop numerous hints. The problem was that the custom fitted irons didn't really fit into our budget at the time, but after much creativity I was able to pull the money together without him knowing. The day the clubs came I got home early to unpack them and get the video camera ready for what I thought was going to be a joyous outburst of happiness.

All set up!

Even wrote a little note to go with the clubs

And this was the reaction I got...

Certainly NOT what a I hoping for, but I think he had resigned himself to the fact that it could be a long time before he would ever get new irons. But thankfully he married someone who loves to give gifts and will do all that she can to make him happy!

Checking them out to make sure I got the right ones

He did eventually get excited!
Happy Birthday Nick! May we share many more birthdays and surprises!

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  1. I cannot believe our composites have been moved upstairs!! Man that does make me feel very old! And I signed up for e-mealz the other day and just made my first grocery trip on it today! I think I'm going to like it! Thanks for the tip!