Mar 7, 2016

Like, Love and Don't Like (New FAMILY Edition)

Now that we’re all caught up (and before we slip back into complete silence) it’s time to provide a more current look at what’s going on with the Baggetts. As I mentioned in the last post, I’m going to borrow from my Like, Love and Don’t Like format that I enjoy using to grease the writing wheels. But rather than share personal observations, I’m going to put a “family” twist on this format. Keep reading – you’ll see.

This week, I like having a yard. When we moved into our new house, we went from having ZERO yard to having plenty of room for all kinds of activity. Now that it’s getting warmer, I’m excited about being outside even more with Graham. I’m interested to see if the grass rebounds from the wear and tear of Graham’s “roller coaster”. Graham seems to like digging in the dirt so I’m also pumped about getting his sandbox in place soon. I’ll be sure to share pics and videos.

This week, I love Julie’s tenacity. Julie is doubly pregnant yet she has yet to slow her pace when it comes to taking care of Graham and me, helping coordinate baby showers for our Sunday School class, hosting friends and family members, preparing the nursery, buying extra baby items and all of her other many duties. She’s amazing, really. She told me that she figures she only has a few more weeks left before carrying those babies really starts to take its toll. Until then, she’s trying to get as much done as she can. I try to be as helpful as I can but that means just saying out of her way most of the time!

Here's a recent picture of Julie making my mother feel special on her birthday. 
This week, I don’t like toy tornadoes. I guess another reason why I’m looking forward to more time in the yard with Graham is because of the major devastation he leaves in our basement after a day with his toys. It could be worse – at least it’s confined to one part of the house. But, man…that one part of the house sometimes looks like a tornado has scattered all of his toys! Graham has always loved trains. I really thought that interest waned back at Christmas as he only asked Santa for Hot Wheels and Paw Patrol toys. For a short period of 2016, trains took a back seat to those toys. But for last month or so, trains have been in high demand! These days, the confines of his train table are too restrictive – he seems to really enjoy (getting assistance) building new track layouts that span a much bigger area of floor. I guess I shouldn’t complain the product of an enjoyable time. I should also start bracing for the day when we have 3 tornadoes in the house!

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