Mar 27, 2016


There's only been enough time for me to endure one pollen-related illness but it's already shaping up to be a busy spring! Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to.

Graham spent a weekend with my parents in Camden while Julie and I traveled to Anderson, South Carolina for a cousin's wedding - Julie was a bridesmaid.

We saw lots of family at the hotel, including Auntie Elle!

I had a great lunch with my father-in-law. 
Julie was a beautiful bridesmaid but I had to keep a close eye on her as it was surprisingly warm that day. 

The week after the wedding, we enjoyed a nice visit from our friend Kiley and her sweet girls. Graham really liked having some playmates his age for a change!

After that, a little prep work for the twins was needed. That included getting a new van! 

Graham has been a trooper through it all. He's played with his trains inside.

He's played with his trains outside.

And even took time to oversee the dying of his Easter eggs.

It's been an active month and I know we're very blessed to enjoy it all together! 

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