Feb 5, 2014

Rub 'n Buff

If you do Pinterest or read DIY blogs you are more than likely familiar with Rub 'n Buff.  If you aren't familiar with this glorious little tube of goodness....allow me to introduce you.  In a nutshell it is an alternative to spray paint that works on a variety of surfaces to give a different finish.  It comes in a ton on colors, but the most popular is the Antique Gold which is was I bought.

I found mine at Michael's in the fine arts section. (near the professional paints and brushes)

I've had it for several months and have a number of projects that I want to tackle.  However,  in typical Julie fashion it sat in the drawer for two months until I finally pulled it out a few weeks ago to give it a try.

Graham's crib was first on my list.  I love this crib, but at first I hated the wheels.  I was ready to take them off when we were putting the crib together 2 years ago, but my best friend, Kiley, urged me to leave them on.  See she is more experienced and wiser than I am.  For once I listened to her, and am so thankful that I did.  We are constantly wheeling the crib away from the wall to change the sheets, hunt for pacifiers, or make the lamps out of arms reach (we learned that one the hard way).  

So taking the wheels off wasn't an option, but I still hated the nasty, bright yellow plastic wheel covers. Aren't they terrible! For a while I thought about painting them black, but was afraid if the paint chipped that the gold would stand out even more, and I certainly didn't want that.  So I decided to try Rub 'n Buff.

The wheel on the Left has RnB and the one on the right doesn't.  So much better right?  I think so.  It is still gold, but not the horrible yellowy gold.

And the best part is it took me all of 10 minutes to do all 4 wheels.  I just rubbed it on with my finder and let it dry.  After a few hours of drying I lightly buffed it with a clean, dry towel.  DONE! No taping, no brushes, no mess....That's my kind of project.

Hoping to have some time in the next few weeks to tackle another RnB project or two!


  1. You have just opened up a whole new world for me. {Do you hear angels singing?}
    I have GOT to get some of this!

  2. Thanks for using AMACO's Rub 'n Buff! I must say this is a new application I have not seen before. We do have a wide color selection of this product, that you can see on our website. I would also like to post this to our Facebook page (Rub 'n Buff Metallic Finishes).