Feb 4, 2014

Julie's Take on the January 28th Winter Weather

I'm not going to rehash the story since Nick covered most everything, but I did want to add some pictures from our (more specifically me and Graham) 73 hours being home bound.

In the beginning Graham was content watching the snow out the playroom window, but as it began to get thicker...he started to let me know that he wanted to check out this white stuff.

Around 4:00 when it had actually stopped snowing I let him venture outside.  There were about 3 inches of snow on the ground and the temperature was around 21.  

He walked around, but quickly decided that the gloves were hindering his ability to pick thing up so those had to go. 

Approximately two minutes after the gloves were shed the tears started falling.  His hands were freezing, and his interest in being outside was over!  

Flash forward 24 hours to Thursday and this was our reaction when Nick called to say that he made it back to his truck and was on his way home!

He was happy to be home.  I was thrilled for him to be home, and Graham finally had his playmate back!  Everyone was happy.

That afternoon when it was about 45 outside we decided to let Graham have a second go at the snow (what was left of it).  He kept his gloves on this time and had a blast.

I was ready for Spring before January 28th, but now I am BEYOND ready.  We don't do cold.  We obviously don't do snow and ice.  So let's just be done with it already!

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